Yoga Instructor
Year Qualified:
I first came to yoga through developing an interest in complementary therapies and mindfulness in my early teens to help me recover from long term illness. I developed an interest in how the energetic body affects the physical body and this interest has really been brought together in my yoga practice, this is an interest which continues to grow and develop. I came to the physical ‘asana’ practice of yoga at Carlisle Yoga. I have just recently completed my 200hr Teacher Training at Carlisle Yoga with Sonja Appel of Sushumna Yoga. I am passionate about sharing with others this beautiful practice which has so many benefits. Yoga to me is so much more than the just the physical practice, although this is an amazing place to start. I look to include philosophy as part of my classes to allow you to take yoga off the mat and for it to benefit all aspects of life. I believe yoga is accessible and beneficial to all and that it is a life long learning process. In addition to yoga I enjoy spending time walking in the Lake District, open water swimming, dressmaking and art. Yoga has most definitely changed my life and I’m so excited and grateful to be able to share this journey by helping others to find the start of their path.