Here at The Yoga Studio Carlisle, we have a range of different yoga classes for all levels and abilities. Whether you've never experienced yoga before, or you're a seasoned veteran - we will have a class to suit you. If you require any further information about any of classes do not hesitate to get in touch by e-mailing us at or call us on 07850 668402

We found 18 classes that are available

Beginner's Yoga Course Carlisle

5 Weeks Beginners Course

  This 5 week beginners course with Janet, our founding teacher, is the perfect opportunity to find out more about yoga. During the course Janet will introduce you to the basic standing and seated poses with an emphasis on understanding how your body works, what limits you and how to progress safely. She encourages you […]

Aerial Yoga at The Yoga Studio Carlisle

Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga uses a hammock to support, either fully or partially, the weight of the students whilst working on traditional yoga postures. This can enable students to achieve advanced yoga postures that can take years to learn as well as experiencing the benefits for the body by hanging upside down which is great for the […]

Ashtanga Yoga Carlisle

Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga is a style of Yoga established by K. Patthabi Jois in Mysore in India in 1948. It is a physical and dynamic practise which links a series of prescribed movements together with the breath. In the Primary Series Sequence there are 61 poses that are linked together by a ‘vinyasa’ flow. ‘Vinyasa’ is a term […]

Budokon Yoga

Budokon is translated from Japanese to English as “the way of the spiritual warrior”. Budokon yoga is a fluid, lively form of movement that has been developed in the United States, this millennium, by Cameron Shayne, a martial arts expert and a devoted yogi. He was looking for a creative combination of traditional yoga asanas […]

Core Yoga Carlisle

Core Yoga

Core Yoga is a great way to strengthen your core and Jana will take you through a variety of poses, which target those core muscles, improving your posture as well as your overall heath and well-being. Whilst the main focus of this class is your core muscles you can be assured that the rest of […]

Hatha Yoga Carlisle

Gentle Hatha

This class is suitable for beginners and is of a relaxed and gentle nature. With her calm and soothing manner you will find that it is an excellent introductory class for those new to yoga, leaving you feeling refreshed and ready to face the rest of your day.

Hatha Yoga Carlisle

Hatha Yoga

In this class you will be guided through basic yoga poses in a relaxed style, enabling you to deepen your experience of each posture – bringing peace to the mind and body.

Hot Yoga Flow Carlisle

Hot Yoga Flow

The studio is heated up to 30 degrees and this dynamic class takes students through vinyasas, which means a sequential movement interlinking postures to form a continuous flow. Working in a hot environment warms up the body and causes sweating which results in the removal of toxins that build up in the system. This dynamic […]

Yin Yoga Carlisle

Meditation and Mantra

This class will be divided equally between mantra and meditation, with the repetition of mantras naturally leading us toward a meditative state. Starting with the most powerful one word mantra Aum, we will work through the traditional yoga chants, towards the classic full Gayatri mantra. During the meditation part of the class we will be […]

Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga

I’m afraid we do not deliver pregnancy yoga classes but we do recommend the following trainer who meets our teaching standards: Jana Mulholland – You can also email her on

Relax and Restore Yoga Carlisle

Relax and Restore

Pause your day and leave the outside world behind in this relaxing and restoring class where you will use props for support, enabling you to actively relax the body before being guided through a Yoga Nidra also known as yogic sleep which is allows you to enter a state of complete relaxation.

Stress Relief Yoga Carlisle

Stress Relief Yoga

Our society today works at a fast pace and this can leave us feeling tired, drained and unable to sleep or quieten the mind. This class explores the breath and helps students to use breath control to calm the mind. The physical yoga postures are designed to reduce the effects of stress and the session […]

Stretching Energising Yoga Flow Carlisle

Stretching and Energising Yoga Flow

Blow away the cobwebs in this stretching and energising session with Jana. Here you will be introduced to basic standing and seated poses encouraging you to stretch those muscles in an energising flow before relaxation, leaving you feeling refreshed and ready to face the rest of your day.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga Carlisle

Vinyasa Flow

This dynamic class works the body through a series of controlled linked movements building up your strength and balance through vinyasa, which is a sequential movement interlinking postures to form a continuous flow.

Warmed Restorative Yoga by Candlelight Carlisle

Warmed Restorative Yoga by Candlelight

Restorative Yoga is for those times when you feel weak, tired or stressed from your daily life with the focus of the practice to add energy to the body and to actively relax. By supporting the body with props we will alternatively stimulate and relax the body to move towards balance. The restorative poses themselves […]

Yin and Yang Yoga Carlisle

Yin and Yang Yoga

Yin Yoga is feminine in principle, dark, passive, receptive, reflective, withdrawn, cool and introspective. Yin Yoga was developed to penetrate deep into connective tissue expanding flexibility and aiding healing while stimulating the meridian (energy lines) to loosen energetic blockages and increase energy flow. Yang Yoga is the masculine principle, light, active, outward and upward moving, […]

Yin Yoga Carlisle

Yin Yoga

In Yin Yoga students work the deep ‘yin’ tissues of our ligaments, bones, joints and connective tissues, complimenting our dynamic and active modern lifestyle. Whether you are a keen cyclist, runner, sports person or spend a lot of time running around at work or after the family, you will find a meditative yoga session with […]

Yoga for Beginners and Improvers Carlisle

Yoga for Beginners and Improvers

A perfect class to work on understanding the mechanics of a pose and improving your alignment. This makes it an excellent staring point for both beginners and those wishing to improve their practice as during the course of the class Janet will breakdown one of the poses in detail, explaining the benefits and offer alternative […]