Children's Yoga

Children’s Yoga classes have been suspended for the Summer Holidays and will restart in September 2018

Here at The Yoga Studio Carlisle we believe that yoga benefits everybody and not just adults. Children can also reap the benefits of yoga and we have three classes that take place on Saturday afternoons.

2.00 - 2.45Children aged 3 - 5
3.00 - 3.45Children aged 5 - 8
4.00 - 5.00Children aged 8 - 12

Each class is designed to meet the developmental stage of that particular age group of children. The way in which yoga is taught to a 3 year old is completely different to the way it is taught to a 10 year old.

Yoga classes for children are fun using story based yoga for the younger children. This introduces the children to traditional yoga poses e.g. cat, cow, downward dog, tree pose etc.

For children aged 8 – 12 the classes are more alignment based and therefore have some similarities to an adult class.

However, each class incorporates breathing techniques, asanas (postures) relaxation and on occasion we play yoga based games.

The sessions are active and interactive and introduce the children to personal health and wellbeing.

The classes are grounded in traditional yoga.

Some of the benefits of yoga for children are:-

  1. It reduces stress and anxiety in children by giving them tools for working with their breath, healthy movement and meditation.
  2. It is non-competitive and inclusive as it is for every body type.
  3. It helps to improve self-esteem.
  4. It develops body awareness.
  5. It gives a real alternative to tuning out to electronic devices (mobiles, tablets, computers…)
  6. It strengthens growing bodies.
  7. It builds concentration.
  8. It improves balance and co-ordination.
  9. Teaching yoga to children is a specialism and yoga should not be taught to children in the same way that we teach adults.

Angela is fully insured and accredited with Yoga Alliance. She has full DBS checks and also teaches yoga to children in schools.

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