4 Weeks Beginners Yoga Course

If you are worried incase you miss a week with isolating etc- don’t worry! you can make up for a missed class by attending one of our timetabled classes as a drop in!

Course starting April 1st 2022 5.45-6.45pm CLICK HERE TO BOOK

Finding which yoga class to start with can be confusing, with so many different styles of yoga boasting so many amazing benefits- where do you start?

Our beginners course gives you an insight into the main styles of yoga at a beginner level. 

Meaning you can find the perfect style of yoga for you, work out what works best for your body and learn how to work around any injuries, stiffness or aches and pains. Our mats are 2m socially distanced and we have changing rooms as well as cubicle toilets where you can get changed and ready for class.

This makes our course different to any others around as you enjoy all styles of yoga, you’ll also be taught by two senior yoga teachers and enjoy different teaching styles. 

Come and relax at the end of the week in our beautiful 300 year old barn, the course takes place Fridays 5.45-6.45pm but you can arrive anytime after 5.15pm and make yourself comfortable. 

Our course structure is as follows:

Week 1- Yin Yoga with Martin

Enjoy long holds in seated postures as we use blocks, blankets, bolsters and straps to make sure we are fully supported and can relax the effort. Allowing the muscles to relax. Perfect if you’ve got a bad back, aches and pains or feel really stiff- equally good if you’re stressed as yin is a slice of yoga heaven.

Week 2- Hatha Yoga with Emma

Hatha is a general style of yoga so you’ll work movement and postures here as Emma takes you through all the fundamental yoga postures. We will look at alignment and how the postures can be modified so you’re comfortable in them, but you’re starting to work a little more with strengthening and opening the body. 

Week 3- Vinyasa/Ashtanga Yoga with Martin

The third week sees us fire it up slightly as we delve into the more flowing yoga, looking at the set sequence of the ashtanga vinyasa practice at a beginner level. Expect to work harder this week and to also have some fun!

Week 4-  Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra & Meditation with Emma

Fall into calmness as you enjoy an hour of complete serenity. Finishing with breath work and meditation you’ll be treated so some sound healing at the end as the crystal singing bowls are used. Ahhhh… dreamy!

Given our substantial timetable, if you where to miss out on a week, you can simply make up for the class you’ve missed by attending one of our timetabled classes that’s the same style of yoga as the week you’ve missed. You can chat to either Martin or Emma about this during the course and they’ll be more than happy to accommodate.

No refunds are given on cancellation.