Aerial Yoga 4 Week Beginners Course with Sammy Carter

  • Time: 3:30 PM
  • On: March 14, 2020
  • Price: £50

*This event is now full for march, but April’s block has spaces on, please email us to enquire *Join Sammy for this four week transformative Aerial Yoga course.

Build confidence, work strength, flexibility and enjoy finishing each class with a wonderful relaxation in the hammock.

This course is suitable for those with no aerial experience who want to explore the basics slowly, building confidence to then attend more dynamic classes. Lots of time will be given during the course so each person feels fully supported and not rushed. The course is strictly limited to 10 people so pre booking is essential.

The course is structured as follows:

Week 1- Sun salutations and hamstrings. Get used to getting in and out of the fabric, working basic fundamental movement to build heat and stamina. Then flowing through the leg stretches as we look to lengthen and strengthen.

Week 2- Upper body strength and core. Now you’ve had your first taste of aerial, we’ll start to look at a strengthening flow, Aerial is great for pull strength so we will work through upper body strength and core strength. As it’s a really fun style of yoga- you won’t realise how much strength you’re using as you’ll be enjoying it so much!

Week 3- Backbends and inversions. Exploring the more dynamic movements now you’ll be used to the fabric. Boosting the endorphins as we try new moves, you’ll be given lots of time as we work through some back bending. Finishing with exploring going upside down, inversions are a great way to finish a practice. As always options will be given and you’ll feel fully supported.

Week 4- Restorative Aerial and sound bowl relaxation. The fabrics will be lowered towards the floor as you enjoy long holds in gentle postures, Sammy will guide you through meditations, breath work and we will use an array of props so your body can completely relax in the postures. Ending with a sound bowl experience as you’re laying wrapped In a blanket with a lavender eye pillow on in the fabric. The perfect way to end the course, you’ll be floating out the door!

No previous yoga experience is needed, all you need to do is turn up in some comfortable clothing that you can move freely in. Mats are provided.

We also sell refreshments at the studio but feel free to bring your own water bottle. Changing rooms are situated inside the studio so can get ready before and after class.

Next course starts Saturday 14th of March 3.30-4.30pm