April Workshop- Aerial Yoga Workshop with Liv Wiggett

  • Time: 11:30 AM
  • On: April 5, 2020
  • Price: £30

Aerial yoga uses a low hanging fabric to support the weight of the body and is an amazing experience. The additional support provided by the hammock enables practitioners to work deeply into the poses to achieve postural alignment.

This workshop is suitable to all levels whether you are an experienced practitioner wanting to develop your practice or if you are new to yoga.

This style enhances not only your traditional yoga practice but also other sporting or fitness activities in many different ways:

  • Inversions and back bending are easier as you are supported by the hammock and the anti-gravity effect has a tremendous restorative effect on the spine as well as increasing flexibility
  • The support of the hammock enables students to achieve a deep muscular release and experience much deeper stretches than traditional postures on the mat
  • Strengthening the shoulders and core abdominal muscles without compromising flexibility
  • Increase in overall agility, strength and flexibility
  • It is FUN and makes you feel young again to FLY

You are never too old to try aerial yoga and this workshop will show you how you can use the hammock to work every part of your body.

Book early as places are limited.

Booking is easy; either pop in, phone or text 07850 668402 or e-mail emma@theyogastudiocarlisle.co.uk

You can book and pay for your place on this workshop by clicking on the following link – Book Your Place

Cost: £30
Gold Members/Ashtanga members: £15
Platinum Members: FREE