Aerial Holistic Resonance Session with Rowan Carr

Aerial yoga uses a low hanging fabric to support the weight of the body and is an amazing experience in itself.

All things of the manifest world and beyond have a resonant frequency which, in peak performance, is whole, well, healthy. However, and all to often, a busy life with its usual stresses can leave us feeling unwell, divided, and with a sense of lacking. One could say, our vibration is disharmonious. Enter the Gong, Holistic Resonance, the Gong is the most powerful resonant instrument on the planet and has been used for millennia as a scared sound instrument with the power to bring wholeness, healing, to all within its resonant field.

No prior experience is needed, you simply turn up and enter the Gong field and be open to the possibilities of immersing your whole being in the sonorous sounds of the Gong(s). Normally you would be lay on the floor but as we are at the studio, the experience of this holistic resonance session will be further enhanced in the use of the Aerial Yoga Hammocks. This will not only be more comfortable but will add to the sense of timelessness expansion which the Gongs are known to induce. Whilst weightlessly suspended, the holistic resonance will envelope you and bring you home to your optimum resonant frequency, your natural state. Gongs and Hammocks, really, how could you resist?

Booking is easy; either pop in, phone or text 07850 668402 or e-mail
You can book and pay for your place on this workshop by clicking on the following link – Book Your Place

Cost: £25 



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