April Masterclass- The Core: Activation & Stabilisation with Ali

  • Time: 11:30 AM
  • On: April 25, 2021
  • Price: 6

A one hour masterclass focusing on the role of the deep core, the function of the muscles and the surrounding supporting pillars.

We will work through active movement to engage the many layers of the core, as well as breathwork and bandha activation to ignite our centre.

Expect both gentle breathing exercises and targeted movements to better understand engagement and stability in the body.

Learn how to get stronger, better understand how to activate your core and support your back during these movements. The core is the centre of our strength and the pillar of a healthy back.

Suitable for everyone and options will be given.

Lets fire it up, cool it down and enjoy practice as well as theory!

FREE for all TYSC members- book via GloFox and use the masterclass link via the website

Non members-
£6 to drop in

please use the link below to book