An Introduction to Ashtanga Yoga with Emma Vasquez

Ashtanga Yoga Carlisle

Join our Ashtanga teacher Emma for this introduction to the full Ashtanga primary series. The Ashtanga sequence is a set series of postures interlinked with vinyasa. Ashtanga translating as “eight limbed path” Aiding growth in strength and stamina as well as flexibility.

In this workshop Emma will guide you through the Ashtanga primary series breaking down the postures so you get a grounding and understanding of Ashtanga yoga that suits your own practice. Also breaking down the vinyasas, how we move from one posture to the next so you can find that meditative flow in your practice.

With an introduction of yoga philosophy, you will also gain a deeper understanding of the eight limbs of yoga and how Ashtanga aids a deeper growth towards a calm, strong and fluid practice. Emma will teach you how to find your bandhas, the energy locks in the body as well as ujjayi pranayama and the importance of drishti (gaze point) in the practice. All of which will take your yoga practice to a stronger and more personal level.

If you’ve never practiced Ashtanga before or you’re an avid Ashtanga practioner, this workshop will suit everyone looking to futher their practice and knowledge of yoga.

Book early as places are limited. Booking is easy; either pop in, phone or text 07850 668402 or e-mail

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Cost: £35
Gold Members: £17.50
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