Bandhas! The internal locks of the body

  • Time: 11:30 AM
  • On: June 9, 2024
  • Price: £25

Bandhas! The internal locks of the body Bandhas…

Sunday June 9th 11.30-1.30pm CLICK HERE TO BOOK

the illusive internal power of a yoga practitioner that is rarely explained in a straightforward way and usually brushed off with “just keep practising”…. Well not during this workshop!!

Join Emma as she talks you through the bandhas of the lower pelvis, abdomen, chin, feet, hands & armpits. What they do, where they are, how to find & work them…. And equally how to relax them.

Unsure of how your hands & feet should be on your mat? Find moving around your mat clunky at times & want to gain a deeper awareness of feeling stronger within. A lightness that you can tap into? Working through a mix of practice & theory as we take our awareness inwards.

Practising them at different times, during movement, during meditations- release & activation. Working in synchronicity with the breath.

Learn how to grip your yoga mat, what to do with your shoulders to maximise engagement, how to move your armpits to create space for vinyasa & feeling into the foundations of the feet.

A back to basics but put the effort in & reap the rewards type of practice! Suitable for all as lots of options during asana. £25 drop ins £10 gold member Free for platinum members