Breaking Down Vinyasa Flow with Emma Vasquez

Vinyasa is the movements between postures. When you come to a vinyasa class you may be unsure of how you move between postures in a way that flows.

This is the perfect opportunity to really understand how to move from one posture to another and explore into the Form and Fluidity of the Vinyasa Yoga practice.

Vinyasa yoga is a graceful yet powerful system of yoga in which movement is linked to breath and poses flow, what seems to be seamlessly, from one to another. The beauty of this system is the movement, however, unconscious but mis-aligned movement can reek havoc on the body and make you feel stiff and heavy as you move.

In this workshop, we will explore the proper alignment of the body for the most commonly used poses and Emma will guide you through a sequence of postures and their variations of vinyasa.

When the body is aligned, we are able to experience ease in the pose, once we experience the ease then power and grace are revealed and the true Yoga begins.

We will also look at syncing the movement to the breath which is a significant part of vinyasa flow that is often overlooked but it is paramount to the flow and ease of the vinyasa practice.

With modifications offered at all times, come along for an all-rounded practice full of insight into this elusive practice and as always, fun!

This workshop is suitable for everyone.

Booking is easy; either pop in, phone or text 07850 668402 or e-mail
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Cost: £35
Gold Members: £17.50
Platinum Members: FREE

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