February Workshop- Strong backbends with Emma

  • Time: 11:30 AM
  • On: February 7, 2021
  • Price: £30

Backbending can be a real marmite part of a yogis practice.
This workshop will focus on what we are doing anatomically during backbends and how understanding this can completely change your approach to it.

Taking time to open up the body with a mixture of long holds in postures and vinyasa, Emma will break down the key areas of the backhanding practice so we can dig deep and start to feel comfortable in them.
Lots of options will be given as we will work a different mixture of postures so all are challenged, but accepting of their backhanding practice.

Energising, invigorating and detoxifying!

Perfect for those who ‘don’t like’ backbending and really want to understand what to focus on to allow them to backbend with ease. As well as those who love backhanding and want to go deeper, keeping stability in the deep opening.

Platinum members- FREE
Gold/Ashtanga- £15
Drop in £30


If you’d like to attend this workshop via zoom please email us at emma@theyogastudiocarlisle.co.uk