Flow and Glow Spring workshops

  • Time: 6:00 PM
  • On: March 23, 2024
  • Price: £50

Face and Nurture & Carlisle Yoga Flow and Glow Spring Workshops.

CLICK HERE TO BOOK £50 per person includes a place ON BOTH workshops

You can book workshops individually as well-

Workshop 1- March 23rd Saturday 6-7.30pm


Workshop 2- April 27th Saturday 6-7.30pm


Over a two month period of consecutive workshops, we would like to take you on a wellness journey setting you up for summer.

Offering consistency and accountability, to see wonderful results and to of course- feel amazing! Working with your skin, body and soul using Facial Massage, Face Yoga, Facial Gua Sha and Facial Acupressure.

Enjoy moving your body through Yoga and relax using breath work and meditation.

The sessions will start the same, with a relaxing and nurturing yoga class to melt away the stress, optional head massages as you lay back and relax in the beautiful barn of the yoga studio. You’ll be guided into restoration & tranquility by Emma.

Then, a short break enjoying a fresh juice shot to revitalise & some cool citrus water to rehydrate you’ll be seated at your own wellness station.

Helen will prepare mirrors, gua sha tools, face oils and everything else you will need. Just wear a top that you’ll have access to your neck & chest. Helen will guide you through a relaxing, informal session where you’ll be free to ask questions, get 1:1 support and get to grips with a basic face routine that you can then bring into your life between workshops.

You’re welcome to record your face routine so you have a reference for guidance at home or ask Emma to snap a few pics of some of the techniques so you can use them for reference post workshop!

These three sessions will flow seamlessly together to create the ultimate flow & glow spring boost that is so needed after the winter!

Workshop 1 March- Saturday 23rd 6-7.30pm

This first session will include a relaxing yoga practice, optional head massage & a relaxation where you can lay in one of our silk aerial hammocks for the ultimate chill.

Helen will take you through a basic routine where you’ll be introduced to face yoga, face massage & acupressure.

Workshop 2 April- Saturday 27th 6-7.30pm

The second session will include an upper body meltdown as Emma guides you through a deeply releasing shoulder, neck & back yoga practice. Melting away tension & stress.

Helen will then breakdown a full face gua sha routine & take you through lymphatic drainage. A wonderful anti inflammatory method that’ll leave you feeling fresh! Finishing with acupressure and lymphatic drainage.

Spaces are strictly limited to 15 £50 per person for BOTH workshops No refunds for late cancellations/ being unable to make one of the workshops