Moon Ritual Workshop- align, allow- receive!

  • Time: 7:30 PM
  • On: December 13, 2020
  • Price: £20

Harbouring the energy from the moon we will step into our circle to release and let go of everything holding us back Using guided meditations, powerful breath work and restorative postures.

You’ll be guided to go deep within to release what no longer serves you.

Then we will enter a moon meditation, to align, allow and receive. The perfect time to manifest and make it happen!

Following the meditation you’ll be prompted to journal from a sheet of three questions, allowing you to creatively harbour the moon energy and use it for manifestation.

Then we’ll enter a sacred sound journey, lay back, enjoy the sound of the crystal singing bowl and a deep yoga Nidra to bring pure relaxation, clarity and abundance.

Included in the workshop is a large Moon ritual bath pack, which has enough salts, herbs and flowers in for you to use for about 5 baths.

Bath rituals have been used for thousands of years, to allow the energetic body to release anything you’ve been holding onto, purifying the aura, allowing you to feel physically and emotionally lighter, for deep relaxation, and to empty the mind of all the worries and stresses.

Not only are bath rituals soothing and indulgent they’re also very empowering, this is the time to step away from what we no longer need to allow space for the new.

You’ll receive a written explanation to take with you of how to use your bath ritual pack at home.

Suitable for everyone- please bring a pen, blanket, notepad, wear cosy clothing and socks.

£20 per person- CLICK HERE TO BOOK