Hot Yoga and Hot Yin – A Workshop with Janet Richards and Emma Vasquez

A Hot Yoga session with Emma is fun and lively and in the first half of this workshop she will take you through a dynamic flow sequence to increase your heart rate and make you downright sweaty! You may wonder why you would want to do that? Well firstly it is fun and secondly this type of yoga promotes detoxification as heavy sweating helps you to flush toxins from the skin as well as the additional benefits of being able to go a little more deeply and safely into the postures due to the heated environment.

In the second half of the workshop Janet will guide you through an intensive Yin Yoga session whilst keeping the temperature in the studio high. Yin Yoga is a slower paced style of yoga where poses are held for longer periods of time with the intention of applying moderate stress to the connective tissues in the body with the aim of increasing circulation in the joints and improving flexibility. Yin Yoga is a more meditative style of yoga with the aim of cultivating inner stillness.

This workshop will bring you the ultimate in Yin and Yang, opposite and complimentary principles in nature.

This workshop is suitable for all levels as with Janet and Emma’s style of teaching is to encourage you to discover your personal limits and work safely within in them. They will give you lots of different options to enable you to do this.

Booking is easy; either pop in, phone or text 07850 668402 or email:
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Cost: £35
Gold Members: £17.50
Platinum Members: FREE

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