Jump, Float, Press & Fly- a transitions workshop with Emma Scott

  • Time: 11:30 AM
  • On: June 30, 2024
  • Price: £25

June 30th Sunday 11.30-1.30pm CLICK HERE TO BOOK

Grace in movement is something often held as a secret/product of many years of asana practice and or held in the minds of students as impossible and never attempted!
Whilst it can take many years to press, float & fly in your yoga practice… it IS available for all students to work on.
The main thing you will learn during this workshop is how to move with more control, how to land quieter and how to begin the process of jumping, floating & pressing.
Beginning with a short talk on technique and the application of bandha with breath Emma will demonstrate “what she means” so you can learn through theory, practice and watching demonstration.
We will start with a gentle warm up to stretch the wrists, back of the legs and start to find mobility movement. There won’t be any tiring vinyasa work as we will save all our energy for the inversions, float & jump work!
After a warm up we will start the process of finding lightness in our movements with the key focus points being…
Entry into arm balances, picking the body up and off the floor.
Compression work, bandha & breath.
Crouch N Spring!
-Shoulder stability, brining the weight into the hands.
How to land softly/ quietly.
Jumping the weight forward from downward dog, with the progression of floating.
Jumping the weight back to chaturanga and how to get the hips high.
Inversions, forearm balance, headstand and handstand. ( lots of options for all of these )
Arm balancing, transitions & more!
Finishing with a yin session to relax, release and calm focusing on an upper body meltdown.

Expect to work in a new way, enjoy freedom of movement and exploring your capabilities whilst moving away from fear!
Suitable for all yogis as options are given.

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