June masterclass- Upper body strength and stability with Martin

  • Time: 11:30 AM
  • On: June 14, 2020

In yoga we want to strengthen the body in order to stabilise the movements so we work functional movement that supports our bodies as we age. Often misalignments and injuries can occur because there isn’t enough strength there to stabilise the body.

In this masterclass you’ll learn all about how functional strength can really support your body as a whole, learning how to evenly spread upper body weight to keep the wrists happy, working the arms, chest, shoulders and back muscles. Utilising all the muscles of the upper body so you can tap deeper into your strength and get even more our of your practice!

We will also work on some vinyasa, floating, jumping and movement to get the body heated up and the blood pumping.

Expect a dynamic strength building class that’s suitable for all as options will be given.

Perfect for those who really want to work on their upper body strength and get some fire into their practice.

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