Mantra, Mudra and Chanting- A workshop with Sammy Carter

  • Time: 11:30 AM
  • On: April 26, 2020

In this workshop we will combine two ancient spiritual practices of  mantra and mudra. Mantra is a sacred word or sound, such as aum, and chanting is japamantra, the repetition of a mantra. Traditionally chanting was the only means of passing down yogic teachings, today it is often used to begin and end a class, paying respect to the lineage of teachers.

Chanting also has therepeautic benefits as the vibration of mantras are believed to have health benefits, alongside recent research that shows that singing, (even more so in a group),can help to maintain healthy brain functionand so offset dementia and alzheimers. Chanting also helps to still the mind, by giving it something to focus on, naturally leading us to a meditative state, and can also help with anxiety and depression by halting a negative thought stream and replacing the negative with the positive affirmation of a mantra.

This will be coupled with the symbolic hasta (hand) mudras, sacred gestures that have specific meanings and help to focus our attention/energy through the body.  Whether you need to draw the energy in (chin mudra), feel more compassionate (Anjali), the one pointed focus of kalimudra, or the classic meditative mudra of dhyana mudra , mudras are a great addition to your meditation and yoga practice.

Enjoy learning, experiencing and practising mudras, mantra and chanting in a safe relaxed space as we delve deeper into the ancient yoga practices.

Suitable for all yogi’s!

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