May Workshop- Arm Balancing with Damian

  • Time: 11:30 AM
  • On: May 3, 2020
  • Price: £30

Spice up your yoga practice by sprinkling in some postures that are new to you or more of a challenge. Join Damian for this fun workshop, as we mix things up with arm balances and inversions. Working slowly and learning how to fully stabilise our bodies so we stay safe during our practice, the slower we move into these postures the more control we will gain.

If you feel slightly intimidated to try these asanas in a regular class or not fully sure how to, or if you just fancy a fun upbeat workshop this is for you!

We will break down a number of arm balances and inversions and discuss ways to modify and incorporate them into your regular yoga practice. Learn how to sequence in some of these challenging postures in a safe way that makes sense within the flow of a vinyasa class. The workshop will begin with a grounding meditation to get focused and centered. We will flow through an extended vinyasa yoga sequence stopping at various intervals to break down each arm balance and inversion.

We will go over some of the often over-looked muscles in the core that play a crucial role in achieving lift-off. Exploring into the exclusive bandhas then enjoy a long and well-deserved guided deep relaxation at the end.

Come ready to experiment and have a great time. The sky is the limit! Let’s fly!

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