New year FULL vinyasa FULL led Ashtanga Primary series with Emma Scott

  • Time: 9:00 AM
  • On: January 3, 2021
  • Price: £20

What a way to begin a new year!

Uplifting, energising, motivating and detoxifying! Just what we need for the start of January!

We will take the traditional count of the primary series back to its roots with its full vinyasa. This means once we get to the seated postures, in-between them we will vinyasa to standing and surya namaskar back down to the mat for the next posture.

Keeping the fire burning and the sweat dripping as we detoxify, please note you may miss a vinyasa if needed and students will not be made to force themselves to do every single vinyasa.

£20 per student TO BOOK CLICK HERE

If you want to join online please EMAIL for the zoom link, ONLINE bookings will take place via zoom and will cost £10.