March Workshop- Rejuvinating Backbends A workshop with Emma Vasquez

  • Time: 11:30 AM
  • On: March 15, 2020
  • Price: £30

Sunday 15th Of March 11.30-1.30pm FREE to Platinum members £15 for Gold/Ashtanga £30 for Drop In.

We spend most of our day in a forward folding position, sitting at desks, driving, sitting on sofa. Its a position that re-enforces a feeling of closing inwards and also has implications for the health of our back.
Backbends have an amazing uplifting affect on us mentally, physically and emotionally and are powerful energy enhancers which promote instant vitality and wellbeing.

As we get older it becomes harder to back bend as we have spend so even more time in a forward bending position. A healthy spine needs to be moved in all directions.

We need to try a find a balance by bringing backbends into our daily practise. Practising backbends will help to strengthen the back and re-align the Spine. On an emotional level, backbends also help to to increase confidence, compassion and openness.

During this workshop you will learn how to ‘build’ your backbends, and how to protect vulnerable areas by stabilizing your lower body and using bandhas, props and proper alignment.

Working through a progression of vinyasa to heat the body first, and then a variation of backbending, you will learn how to focus on opening the front of the body instead of focusing on bending the back!
Emma will assist in alignment and physical adjustments and give you the opportunity to work past your fears and try out poses in a safe, playful and fun way!

This workshop is suitable for all levels as we will work with different backbend variations to suit everyones practice.