Singing Bowl Sound immersion with Sammy Carter

  • Time: 11:30 AM
  • On: March 8, 2020
  • Price: £20

Sunday 8th of March 11.30-1pm £20 

Do you enjoy sound baths and you would like to learn more about how they work?

Have you always wanted to try playing a singing bowl but never had the chance?

Do you own a singing bowl and you would like to get ideas on how to use it at home?

Or are you just looking for an afternoon of pure bliss and relaxation?

This workshop day is ideal for anyone who would like to deepen their experience and knowledge of sound relaxation with singing bowls.

Suitable for all levels, no experience required.

Sammy will talk you through the history and science of the singing bowl and how sound has been used for many years.

A 20 minute guided sound bath will take place whilst you’re wrapped up in blankets with a lavender eye pillow and bolsters propping you up. Pure bliss!

Entwining meditation to heighten the senses whilst shedding stress, worry or tension. This practice is designed to effortlessly ease you into a state of relaxation so that you can fully absorb the positive effects of the sound bath. Enjoy the relaxing, energising and harmonious vibrations of the traditional Tibetan singing bowls.