The Fundamentals of Ashtanga Yoga with Emma Vasquez

Fundamentals of Ashtanga Yoga

Join Authorised Ashtanga teacher & Mysore Director Emma Vasquez for an in depth look at the Ashtanga Yoga Method.

She will unravel the myths surrounding Ashtanga and you’ll leave understanding the practice and how to practice it in a way that suits your body.

We’ll take a look at what is Ashtanga Yoga and how does this method really work.

Working in depth with our breathing, we will learn to coordinate movement with breath into vinyasa. This creates grace and ease in movement and is the backbone of the Ashtanga practice.

We will look at the correct vinyasa and alignment for surya Namaskar and that will lead us into key aspects of the method

  • tristana
  • breath, bandha, drishti
  • surya Namaskar
  • vinyasa count to breath
  • common mistakes in the practice that lead to injury
  • jumping back and forward
  • how to maintain an Ashtanga practice

Perfect for beginners and avid Ashtangis as breaking down the method will benefit everyone’s understanding as well as their practice.

Emma will be assisted by her Mysore team which consists of Ashtanga teacher Martin Scott and Mysore apprentice Damian Sealey.

Emma is authorised to teach by Manju Jois and Martin is certified to teach Primary by Manju Jois.

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