FULLY BOOKED Winter retreat- Restore, renew and relax with Sammy

  • Time: 1:00 PM
  • On: December 28, 2021
  • Price: £35

Join Sammy December 28th 1-4pm £35 for an afternoon of pure tranquility


The perfect mini day retreat to escape to during the busy hustle of Christmas and new year. Come and recharge, restore and relax.

Arrive to our warm, cosy studio, where a bunch of props will be situated at your mat (blanket, eye pillow, bolster & blocks)

Starting with Yin yoga to release any stress, tension or strain in both the mind & the body. This will be like a mini vipasana as we enjoy the silence and the stillness in the postures as Sammy leads you to calmness.

You’ll enjoy a cuppa and cake halfway through where you can chat to your fellow students of just simply enjoy the chilled atmosphere and some down time.
Followed by a dreamy restorative yoga practice, as she entwines meditations, visualisations, breath work & poetry.

Then, you will have the option to enjoy savasana cocooned in an aerial hammock or you can simply stay laying down on your yoga mat cosy with your blanket & eye pillow you’ll enjoy a deep restful yoga nidra as Sammy invites in the sound bowls to relax you even further.

You’ll have plenty of time to awaken afterwards and no students need to rush to leave.

Grab your friend, loved one or simply come on your own & enjoy a mini slice of yoga heaven in our beautiful old barn.

Please note no refunds for cancellations are given.