Yoga, sound & cacao ceremony

  • Time: 6:00 PM
  • On: December 12, 2021
  • Price: £30

December 12th Sunday 6-9pm £30 CLICK HERE TO BOOK

Blessings family! We have a very special event coming up at The Yoga Studio Carlisle! Bringing together 4 facilitators of sound, Movement, breath and ceremony

The evening will open with a Cacao Ceremony, breathwork and meditation lead by Joe C Low. This gives us time to settle and slow down to the vibrations of mother Cacao. Once this beautiful medicine is running through our bodies we will start with a Yoga Flow to really utilise the energetic effects of Cacao. And all this while being serenaded by Arachai and the sweet sounds of Handpan and voice, allowing for all our our senses to be indulged 🎶

Once we have moved and flowed we will slow it down, coming into a savasana (laying down) position. From here we will have a good 2 hours of pure bliss sound vibrations. First, the ancient frequency of didgeridoo will be played on and around your body, leading into a full immersion Gongs and Alchemy Crystal singing bowls bath, lead by Tony and Sammy

Didgeridoo has long been used by the original peoples of Australia, in fact for over 40,000 years they used the vibrations of didgeridoo to heal broken bones and to soothe bodies