Yoga to soothe anxiety and aid healing- A workshop with person centred counsellor Martyn Blacklock

  • Time: 1:00 PM
  • On: June 7, 2020
  • Price: £40

Join Martyn for this transformative workshop as we take a deeper look into how we can support healing through the powerful practice of yoga, using his expertise as a counsellor you will leave feeling relaxed, empowered, calm and ready to make your wellbeing your upmost priority.

We will work through a therapeutic, restorative type of yoga sequence with yoga poses for the nervous system to heal anyone wanting to free themselves from physical/emotional responses that are holding them back in their lives.

As told by Dr. Bessel A Van Der Kolk, M.D, a clinician and teacher in the area of PTSD- “Yoga attends to the body and the breath. and attends to the stillness. It allows you to feel everything you feel, to tolerate every sensation, and to live and move with it.”This workshop offers an opportunity to experience a change in the mental state of those dealing with anxiety and emotional difficulties, many of whom suffer from imbalance within both the physical as well as the mental body.

It is believed that restorative yoga practice in a therapeutic way brings about changes in both the sympathetic (fight or flight response), the parasympathetic nervous system (‘rest and digest,’ or ‘feed and breed’) and parasympathetic shutdown (sometimes called freeze-or-faint) . Those parts of our nervous system function to help us manage life-threatening situations.

Polyvagal theory identifies a third type of nervous system response known as the social engagement system, a playful mixture of activation and calming that operates out of unique nerve influence. The social engagement system helps us navigate relationships, particularly the one with ourselves. Helping those suffering with anxiety and emotional difficulties as well as physical/mental dysfunction shift into use of their social engagement system, allowing more flexibility in their coping styles.

Using a scientific approach in the yoga sequence (with the use of yoga poses, pranayama, and meditation), the imbalance can be taken care of, thus paving a path towards healing. A brief explanation of Polyvagal Theory will help set the scene for the practice, creating a safe space for those attending to gain maximum benefit from the workshop.

Martyn is a person centred counsellor as well as a well respected yoga teacher and marries these two healing practices in a non-judgemental, warm and empathic way; sensitively holding the space for those experiencing extreme difficulties in their lives and providing ways of finding freedom from these, ultimately moving towards self-healing, the most effective of all.

There will be a limited number of participants to ensure everyone feels comfortable to have the experience they need and feel safe as they work through their difficulties.

Absolute beginners to yoga and those with limited physical abilities will not be disadvantaged as the physical aspect of the workshop is designed to be wholly inclusive. Cost: £40, no refunds available. All equipment required will be provided

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