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Post 10 – Janet’s Yoga Teacher Training – Andrew

Original Post Created on 02/04/2013 10:28
Here I am on a trip of a life-time with my son. I was so happy that he agreed to come with me to share the experience and I am hopeful that he will learn a lot of things that stand him in good stead for the future. He found the first week rather tough. It has been challenging getting up at 5.30 every morning and starting class at six. The days are long and the topics challenging both physically and mentally. Additionally he has had to cope with a vegan diet, green fasting and silence. Most of us would struggle at times and it is true that Andrew has found it tough, and he would be the first to acknowledge that it is much harder than he thought it would be. This does not take into account that he is in fact sharing a room with his mother and we have now been together 24/7 for over 2 weeks. It is a testament to his patience (and of course mine – yes I do have some!) that we have not fallen out once, although we have bickered occasionally.
He is the youngest student here and is holding his own. He is confident, funny, conscientious, kind, caring and hard working. A really amazing human being and I am so proud of him. I can see that he has grown both physically and mentally since our arrival and he is maturing a little bit more everyday. What is even nicer is that he still wants to hang out with me.
Last week Natalie came rushing in from the road looking for help as a lady had fallen off her scooter outside the centre. As Andrew is a first aider I sought him out and he took charge of the situation and rendered first aid. She had skidded off her scooter which she had been riding with her small baby and had a broken wrist, large bump on the head, concussion and was in shock. Her baby also had a bump on her head but seemed, mercifully, ok. He did remarkably well bearing in mind they spoke a different language and he had difficulty making himself understood. He waited with them until the ambulance arrived remaining calm and composed. What an incredible young man he has become.
I hope he takes a number of things away from this trip and looks back on the adventure with fondness. As for me I will always treasure these four weeks with my son, walking along the beach in the early morning, watching war movies in our room before bed-time (not very yogic I know), sneaking him in some chocolate, laughing at his jokes, gaining support from his eyes when the going gets tough, bear hugs and his generosity. I am without a doubt the most fortunate human being in the world being able to spend this time with my beautiful son.