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Post 11 – Janet’s Yoga Teacher Training – Stop the Train, I want to get off!

Original Post Created on 04/04/2013 04:53
We have been here for 19 days now and as I have already mentioned the schedule is demanding. Morning class starts at 6am and we take it in turns setting up the room. My knees are killing me and to make matters worse my nerve damaged leg is starting to play up from all of the sitting. This pain has started to affect my confidence and I have begun to wonder why on earth I thought I could do this at my age.
In addition to the work during the day we have homework and additional classes some evenings. It is fair to say that I am now feeling the pace, Yesterday afternoon we had a restorative practise with Sonja and as I tried to sit on my sitting bones and stretch my legs the tears began to flow. My whole body ached but especially my leg. I just couldn’t stop the tears rolling down my face … I was in despair. I contemplated just walking out of class and hiding in my room but Sonja came to me and gently stroked my head and comforted me. I made it to the end of the class but my little cat ears were down.
Once I had calmed myself I spoke to Sonja about needing a little bit of space to rejuvenate my body and mind. We agreed that I would stand or walk around during classes whenever I needed to and adjust my sitting position, even to the extent of getting a chair when necessary, and I am going to miss some of the evening classes if I feel things getting on top of me.
This feeling is apparently very common in week 3. The exercise is opening up the chakras in our body and the emotions are running free as we explore our inner-self and push our boundaries even further. We have all experienced the highs and the lows and it is my turn to feel a bit down … but I am feeling a bit better today even though it is green fast and silence day!
Boy has been an amazing support and I am so glad to have him here to keep my spirirts up.

Am I sorry I came?
Definitely NOT!

It is a life changing experience and I wouldn’t change it for the world. We have 9 days left to go and during that time I am sure I will push the boundaries even further. Such a journey is not an easy one …. it takes grit and determination but the rewards are high. I feel healthier than I have for ages and I have no doubt that I will feel stronger every day.
But just now I want the yoga train to stop for a while at the platform whilst I get off and I consolidate before embarking again to reach my final destination.