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Post 12 – Janet’s Yoga Teacher Training – I’m Back on the Train!

Original Post Created on 05/04/2013 04:55
What a difference a day makes. Thank you so much for your kind messages of support. It is so nice to know that you are all rooting for us and all of your kind thoughts raised my spirits considerably – so keep them coming. Raminta, a lovely Danish girl who is completing her internship here kindly bought me some muscle ache gel to ease my aches and pains and this, combined with a good night’s sleep and a chat with Mike and the cats have raised my spirits considerably. Even my knees are feeling a bit better.
This morning we woke up to ‘rave’ music as one of the nearby hotels had had an all night party. Fortunately we don’t hear it in our room over the fan and the air conditioning so we had slept the night through completely unaware.
It is a funny place here outside the gates. The place is full of Russian holidaymakers and is a paradox where yoga and spiritual practise meets all night parties, drink and drugs. We are rather cocooned here as we are so busy all day and most of the night but sometimes, like this morning, the beach party set make their voice heard within the walls. It was a bit surreal doing a dynamic flow practise to the electronic thump thump of 1980’s style acid house music. I remember now why it was a passing phase in my twenties!
Boy is feeling in high spirits and is looking forward to our Saturday afternoon and Sunday off. This will be our last days off before we head off home so we are hiring a taxi and heading off to the town of Old Goa as well as fitting in a trip to a Spice Plantation and Waterfalls on the way so we will be out all day. It will be quite exciting to see more of India before we come back. Look out for the pictures on Monday.
I am sitting next to the beautiful Nana as I am typing this and teasing her about what I am going to write. Should I say she is horrible and mean to me as she pokes her fingers into the small of my back whispering “push, push, no Janet, push, push” in her lovely Russian accent ( I don’t care what she says I don’t have any muscles there in my back!) or should I just say she is a special soul who will remain with me always …. maybe a bit of both!


Oh nearly forgot …. my hair is no longer green it has washed out, as has my henna tattoo. Should I get another? Decisions decisions