100hr Yoga Teacher Training/Immersion


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Friday 23rd August to Sunday 1st September 2019 (inclusive)

Have you ever wanted to find out more about Yoga? Wanted to deepen your understanding of anatomy and yogic philosophy? Take some time out to immerse yourself in Yoga with no distraction? Thought about developing your Yoga practice? If so this 100 hour immersion is for you.

Our teacher training course is a partnership between our studio owner Janet Richards and our Ashtanga Programme Director Emma Vasquez.

This course is focussed on the functional aspects of Hatha Yoga and the fact that we are all different physically and emotionally is at the heart of our teachings.

We structure our programme so that you will understand this concept anatomically and break down the fundamental poses so that you will understand the intention of each pose, how to pay attention to what is happening, and how to make adjustments according to what stops you.

You will receive a comprehensive 10 hour anatomy module taught by our anatomy teacher Gail Jefferson where she helps you to connect the body with the pose.

Additionally we provide you with a 20 hour philosophy module that will give you an insight into the ancient yogic texts and show you how to link this into our modern lifestyle. This is taught by Ruth Westoby.

Both Emma and Janet have a friendly, approachable and straight forward style when teaching, with both practical and theoretical aspects of yoga covered in depth and plenty of time for exploration. You will be assured of a full programme which will help you understanding your yoga practice and how to progress safely. However, this immersion is so much more than just asana practice it also includes the 8 limbs of yoga and how to integrate these principles into your daily life.

If you are looking to teach in the future this immersion counts as 100 hours towards a Teacher Training Qualification and you can attend Part 2 of the programme which runs between the 7th September to 17th September 2020 inclusive and qualify as a 200 hour Yoga teacher.

Please note that accommodation and food is not provided.