Yoga Instructor
Year Qualified:
Yoga to me means universal, it is available to everyone and it includes everything. It unites us to universal consciousness & universal energy, it brings us back to our true higher self. A blissful, calm & beautiful way to live.My name also means universal & my teaching is all about connecting everything together, as one, whole.My yoga journey started four years ago when i delved deeply into the eight limbs of yoga philosophy but i did not have a regular asana (physical) practice. It gave me a huge grounding in meditation, breathing (pranayama) and how practising the other 7 limbs of yoga philosophy in daily life can bring full inner peace. The philosophy of yoga, including how we can truly live yoga in every aspect of our lives is something i practice in each and every breath & i am keen to teach others how we can live yoga off our mats. I live my life through karma yoga (selfless action) and in turn it has brought me great peace and clarity. I am a dedicated student and have had a daily asana practice (physical practice) for almost three years now,  as well as a daily meditation, pranyama and self reiki daily practice. My teacher whom i was trained by, Sonja Appel, told me "To be a great teacher, one must be an even greater student" and this is something i am passionate about, forever learning & growing.I graduated from my 200 hour teacher training programme in September which was led by Sonja Appel, a Senior Yoga Teacher and founder of Sushumna Yoga. This training was very disciplined, it taught me the importance of dedication and a lifelong study and practice of yoga. I love to teach philosophy, pranayama, guided meditations & yoga nidras. I am dedicated to each and every one of my students and always give a personalised guidance to each one. Yoga is our natural state & a blissful way to live.My style of yoga is grounding, dynamic, healing & energising. All of my classes end in a guided yoga nidra/yogic sleep. A yoga nidra is a state of consciousness before falling asleep, like the "going to sleep" state. Where the physical body is totally relaxed but we are present in our minds. A Yoga nidra is like a state of meditation where i truly believe we reap all the benefits from our physical practice in. A blissful way to end a class and to leave feeling refreshed and renewed.I am confident to teach advanced practioners as well as total yoga beginners and please feel free to contact me to discuss anything in more detail.Peace and love to all beings, Emma ॐ