Yoga Instructor
Year Qualified:
have practiced yoga for many years on and off. It wasn’t until after I had a horse-riding accident in October 2016 which ended up with me having to have ankle surgery and pins put in my ankle that I really started to take my passion for yoga seriously. During my healing period I would do gentle yoga exercise, which helped with the healing of my ankle and give me most of the strength and movement back in my left ankle. After this I started to practice yoga on a weekly basis, I then found the yoga studio and ashtanga and I haven’t looked back since. I have enjoyed how they have given me a different insight into what yoga is all about and they have helped me grow with the knowledge that I have received. Which I hope to pass on to the people whom I teach. In summer 2018 I trained to be a yoga teacher with Sonja Appel of Sushumna Yoga and Janet Richards at the Yoga Studio.