The Yoga Studio Carlisle is Carlisle’s
dedicated and premier Yoga Studio and School.

Owned by Emma and Martin Scott, in the tranquil beautiful space of our almost 300 year old barn in the heart of the city.
Hosting a substantial timetable with 40 classes per week led by experienced teachers. Hosting Zoom online classes and an online platform of on demand yoga classes & workshops. Here, we have something for everyone!

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The friendliest place I’ve been in a long time.
Both students and teachers make you feel so welcome from your very first visit, and the studio itself in a beautiful oasis.

Tilda P.

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Headaches? Be gone!

We offer more than just posture based yoga classes....Lots of acupressure yoga over on our website, as well as self reflexology, facial pressure point release, also shoulder strain/pain release and more classes focusing on injury/recovery. 

Sometimes our bodies ache and need rest, and often they need mobility and release too- so combining all of those things to allow the harmony to flow again. 

These classes are with our studio owner & senior teacher Martin Scott who has been a highly trained & experienced therapist/body worker for over 21 years. Martin has travelled the world training in massage, acupressure, reflexology, Thai yoga massage, cupping, gua sha and more. 

Search for them under workshops, stress relief, Hatha, yin & meditation 🌙 

Try pressing on the points shown before and gently massaging them to release any tightness or tension, especially if you’re working from home and spending a lot of time on the computer! 

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Join Ali for some classes this week! Here’s what she’ll be sharing with you..... 

Tuesday 545-7pm •• Power Vinyasa.
I'm craving some upper body work, whaddya think? Spice up our planks with some extra core + shoulder work! 💪

Wednesday 1030-1130am •• Hatha Yoga.
Deep tension release to soften into some 'high trafficked' areas, such as jaw, neck, shoulders, hips and hamstrings.

Thursday 700-815pm •• Sun + Moon Flow.
I am covering for the lovely @jmo this week and quite excited to dive deep into some slow flowing Sun Salutations together ✨

Friday 1030-1130am •• Hatha Yoga.
This week we'll bring a little extra mobility for our hips and surrounding pillars (so we can warm them up now that we can walk (or run) to the outdoor patios 😏)”

Sounds perfect ☀️ @yogaali__
Tomorrow is a new moon so Ashtanga full led primary isn’t on, enjoy a day of rest & relaxation ☺️ 
Wednesday Ashtanga gatekeepers will focus on compression strength, especially with jumping forward in surya namaskar, jumping back & through, in forward folding and more 🔥 

📸 Our studio owner & mysore director @ashtanga_yoga_carlisle practising with Manju Jois at the amazing shala that is @stillpointyogalondon with the even more amazing @scottjohnsonlife 

#ashtanga #ashtangayoga #moonday
Classes this week with @jmo_yoga ☀️ 


10:30-11:30 Hatha
Coming back to the breath and the body, finding alignment in the postures we work through and working with mobility in the hips.

13:15-13:45 Meditation
A guided New Moon Meditation to set intentions for the coming weeks. 


12:10-13:00 Sun and Moon
Monday is a New Moon this week, so this will be a nice gentle class, setting intentions and working into the hips.


19:00-20:30 Sun and Moon
The lovely @yogaali__  will be covering for Jenni this week ❤️


10:00-11:00 Slow Vinyasa
Finding ease in movement, working on mobility and slowing it all down so we can tune in and connect with our bodies. 

To book either use GloFox 🦊 or head over to
Drop in £6 or membership details available on the website. 

Have the most beautiful week 🌼🙂🌼

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Struggling with motivation to practice at home? Read on 👇🏼

We all move through waves of feeling super motivated and then complete lack of motivation to get on our mats. It’s completely normal, and part of the ever flow of life. 
But, no one can do your yoga for you- you have to get on your mat & do it yourself.... 

And at the moment our only option to practice has been at home- where it can be much harder to be motivated. So let’s break some of it down....

• Home practice has a myth of being “harder” because there are more distractions & no group energy. However this has the potential to make home practice even more of a meditation because you’ve to seriously concentrate in order to not get hung up in the mind (“a coffee would be good right about now/ I might sit in pigeon & scroll insta/ maybe I’ll stop my practice here and do the rest later”) - in a home practice you have to concentrate. Overtime, this discipline or tapas as we call it will make your practice a deep meditation. 

• You’re free from other people during a home practice so there’s no one else for you to look at/think about/compare/no one who keeps talking during practice 😉 

 • You can dig deeper into your practice at home because you can take the time to go back & do things a few times if you’re doing a pre recorded class ( that doesn’t mean 174930 tries at pincha- stick to 3 goes then move on) 

• It’s REALLY good to have some time alone, seriously! This is your time, your space, your practice- and once you’ve done it you’ll feel calmer, more balanced & ready to face the day. 

• Keeping up a home practice can be tough when you begin, dedicate a set time/routine so it becomes a part of your daily routine. 

• Start off SLOW- maybe set aside 15 mins a day to practice, then 30, then maybe an hour & go steady. There is no rush into this journey, savour the time on the mat & honestly 15 minutes feels much better than none! 

 • Enjoy the journey, don’t get too hung up on the postures, try not to push to your extreme every day. Be in your body, do what feels good, ease off when you feel you need to, push deeper when it feels good- remember yogasana is an inwards practice.
The new moon is in Aries on Monday! The perfect day to take some time out just for you 🌙 

Tomorrow’s classes- 

Jenni’s Slow flow class 10-11am is a soothing and dreamy gentle flow based class to loosen the joints, get the body moving and the mind quiet. @jmo_yoga 

Ali’s Yoga for sleep masterclass afterwards 11.30-12.30pm Is the perfect new moon yoga class! Join her to delve deeper into rest, relaxation and restoration. @yogaali__ (use the masterclass zoom link for this) 

Do you have any new moon plans or rituals? Let us know 👇🏼