We found 5 workshops that are available

Breaking Down Vinyasa Flow with Emma Vasquez

Vinyasa is the movements between postures. When you come to a vinyasa class you may be unsure of how you move between postures in a way that flows. This is the perfect opportunity to really understand how to move from one posture to another and explore into the Form and Fluidity of the Vinyasa Yoga […]

Aerial Yoga Workshop

Aerial Yoga Workshop with Sammy Carter

Aerial yoga uses a low hanging fabric to support the weight of the body and is an amazing experience. The additional support provided by the hammock enables practitioners to work deeply into the poses to achieve postural alignment. This workshop is suitable to all levels whether you are an experienced practitioner wanting to develop your practice […]

Yoga for Core and Stability with Emma Vasquez

Many movements our body makes either begin or pass through the core and without good core strength the body becomes imbalanced and puts undue stress on other parts of our body to compensate. Strengthening your core is much more than getting a flat tummy or 6-pack abs, it is about creating stability throughout the whole […]

Christmas Restorative and Yin Winter Workshop

Christmas Pajama Restorative and Yin Winter Workshop with Emma and Martin

The last Yoga class of 2019 will be this Workshop with Studio Owners Emma and Martin. Relax, unwind and release as we rebalance before the festive season. OPTIONAL – wear your fave Christmas Pajamas and fluffy socks! PJs not your thing? Just wear your normal yoga clothes. Mince pies and warm hot chocolate/tea will be […]

Winter Solstice Morning Yoga Mala

Winter Solstice Morning Yoga Mala

Due to popular demand, we’ve decided to add an extra workshop to December! A Yoga Mala on the morning of the winter solstice! Leaving your day and evening free as we start at 8 am and run till 10 am. We will practice to a drumbeat metronome which gives the Mala a slow, controlled pace […]