Damian Sealey

What Classes Do I Teach?

  • Mysore Ashtanga
  • Vinyasa Yoga 

What Classes Do I Enjoy?

    • Mysore Ashtanga
    • Hot Yoga
    • Aerial Yoga


My journey onto the mat…

My Yoga journey started when I turned 30. For a number of years previous i had wanted to attend a class at the studio but was too nervous as i thought i might be the only boy. When i finally plucked up the courage to attend i was happy and surprised to see so many men on the mat next to me and loved the welcoming and inclusive atmosphere in the studio. From then on i was hooked. In 2019 I certified as a 200 hour yoga teacher here at The Yoga Studio Carlisle.

My personal practice is predominantly an active one, i love to move dynamically and push myself to work the hardest i can, treating each posture and vinyasa as a moving meditation. I have a focused Ashtanga practice and believe that it is this sequence that has elevated my practice to new levels, the focus and discipline of the Astanga sequence keep me grounded, whilst constantly pushing my mind and body to its edge. 

I am happy and proud to learn and teach Ashtanga under the expert guidance of Emma, and I am looking forward to progressing in my own practice whilst helping you progress in yours.

My continued passion for Yoga is driven by stabilising and strengthening the body in order to increase and maintain its flexibility and range of movement, keeping me healthy and active not only now, but in the future too.

I hope to bring this ethos into all of my classes and create a fun and chilled atmosphere for you to enjoy, see you on the mats soon!

The Yoga Studio Carlisle

My advice to students is…

“The physical and spiritual practice of yoga is different for everyone who enters the studio and sits on their mats. This means that your yoga practice is individually tailored to you and is exactly the experience you require. Be open and accepting snd enjoy what yoga may bring to you.”