Ashtanga Yoga

Teacher: Emma Scott

Ashtanga Yoga Carlisle

Ashtanga is a moving meditation, working the physical and dynamic practise which links a series of prescribed movements together with the breath. In the Primary Series Sequence there are 61 poses that are linked together by a ‘vinyasa’ flow. ‘Vinyasa’ is a term that relates to a series of movements and a variant of the Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar). As with any yoga practice the breath forms an important element and the rhythmic breath employed during practice creates an internal heat which purifies the body as well as providing a mental focus for the practitioner. Ashtanga Yoga is a continuous moving practice to allow space for purification and clarity. In the Counted classes you’ll be led by Emma, but there is always the option to take rest when needed. Full counted primary is suitable for those already with an established yoga practice.